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International Business & Technology

The International, Business & Technology program at Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School is focused on project-based learning, business principles and effective use of technology.
Congratulations to our new incoming grade 8 students. See you in September!

The International Business and Technology Program is a regional program that extends the Ontario Secondary School curriculum to provide students with opportunities to develop the technological, business, and soft skills essential for success in today's rapidly changing world.

The content and delivery of the IBT Program is unique. Skill-building is emphasized over collecting pure knowledge, and practical applications and connections of theory are thoroughly explored. Students are immersed in learning activities which develop essential skills, including those of problem-solving, communication, and leadership. At the same time, competency in vital technological and business skills is addressed. For example, students solve real-world problems through the use of popular business-oriented software in grade nine, and apply theoretical business knowledge to run their own small businesses in grade ten.

The IBT Program provides all students various opportunities to learn and succeed, both in and out of class, effectively maximizing each student's potential. The skills and knowledge attained while in the program will be of lifelong benefit. So take a look around the site. Explore, and see if the IBT Program is right for you.

Upcoming Events

  • GO Conference
    GO Under The Sea and orientation for incoming grade 8 students will be taking place on May 2nd at 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM at Gordon Graydon.

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